Computer Repair FAQ

Computer Repair FAQ

(How to check for computer problems?)

Computer failures or computer repair problems can be divided into two broad categories: software or hardware.

Software failure problem:

1. It seems to be poisoned (some files cannot be opened)

2. Some programs suddenly cannot be used

3. The computer suddenly becomes very LAG (be sure it is not a network problem)

Case 1: Cannot boot to the desk normally


1. There is no power response when booting up

2. There is a power response but no screen (black screen)

3. There is a power response and there is a screen when it is turned on, but it cannot enter the desktop normally

Case 2: Can boot to the desktop, but there will be failures from time to time


1. The screen freezes from time to time (the mouse cannot be moved)

2. Irregular blue background and white text (commonly known as crash or blue screen)

3. Automatic restart from time to time, etc.

How can I troubleshoot my computer?

Software problems, you can GOOGLE first, or contact my professional computer repair center, etc.,

The hardware problem is more complicated, because the general user does not have other components to cross-test, and many times they can only ask someone to repair it.

Please provide the following relevant computer maintenance information before maintenance:

1. When was the computer purchased?

How long did it take?

2. The specification of the computer, the more detailed the better.

Please refer to: How to Check Your Computer Specifications.

3. Computer malfunction/bad condition?

For example, it can't be turned on, there is no screen when booting, etc. If it is an irregular failure, please provide the frequency of the failure/breakdown, such as how long it will take to turn on the machine, and it will happen again after a few waits.

Home computer repair process

1. To report/call a computer failure or bad condition

It is recommended to use the hotline 31190570 or contact via Facebook message, Email, Whatsapp, it is better and clearer to take pictures of the fault directly than to speak on the phone. The company will give you an initial estimate/quote for maintenance costs, such as general inspection fees waiting.

2. Make an appointment for computer maintenance and time

We will reply to the customer as soon as possible, and we can arrange on-site maintenance as soon as possible

3. On-site inspection and maintenance of the computer

Inspection and maintenance take time, each computer is different, generally about 1-2 hours for inspection and maintenance

4. Repair Fee or Quote

For general software problems, the company only charges basic inspection and maintenance fees. If you need to replace hardware and other accessories, you will make a separate quotation. After you accept the price list, you will arrange a time to come to the door. If the same problem occurs again within seven days, free of charge follow up.

--If there is a part replacement on the spot, the on-site computer repair will be completed on the same day

--If there are no parts that need to be replaced at another time, we will arrange maintenance with the customer as soon as possible, and there is no need to pay additional maintenance fees.

--Unless the guest's computer is unstable. Otherwise, the guest's computer will not be taken away for maintenance